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The Ais Home made Ice Cream – Story behind

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The Ais Home made Ice Cream – Story behind

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The Ais Home made Ice Cream – Story behind

How does The Ais Home made Ice Cream come about ? The founder of The Ais Home made Ice Cream has a story to tell. The founder, Jonathan once was working in Thailand as social volunteer. He noticed so many people especially children needs help. So, deep in this heart, he was thinking of how to help these children.

That is where he thought of making ice cream as a mean to help these needy children. Hence, in 2013, Jonathan and his wife started this ice cream company – The Ais, located in Penang state, Malaysia.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Make People Happyice cream

Ice cream always make people happy. Whenever you are down, a scoop of ice cream will brighten up your day. Whenever you are angry, a scoop of ice cream will cool you down. Whenever you are happy, a scoop of ice cream will make you happier.


Amazing Ice Cram flavours that The Ais Offer

The Ais Ice Cream has a wide range of flavours to offer.  The Ais ice cream offer Alcohol based ice cream like Rum & Raisin, Nutella Guinness, Soju Yakult to fruit based ice cream like Soursop, Avocado, Mango Kefir, Watermelon Lychee, Musang King. Besides, we have some flavours which are purposely created for youth like Horlicks Kit-Kat, Hojicha, Seasalt Caramel and Dark Chocolate.

For the whole menu of The Ais ice cream,  please check out the flavours here 





Overwhelming responses from public

The Ais Ice cream has received overwhelming response from our customer. As a result of that, Astro AEC has interviewed The Ais Ice Cream –  Making Chinese Mandarin Flavour ice cream in 2018. Below is the video done by Astro AEC.

If you are interested in The Ais Ice Cream, do fill up the form below and we shall happy to contact you.

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